Women's drop - The Princess Gone Bad Collection

Over the years we've had amazing women supporters wearing our clothing. From time to time we get feedback that we should make something specifically for women. You asked and we delivered! 

We researched different items that gave us that nostalgic vibe our jerseys are famous for from women's track pants to scrunchies. Ultimately we decided to stick with the basics and go with a T-shirt. This would be the best canvas to get a sweet graphic that would really resonate with the ladies.

When we thought about the most influential iconic women figures of the 90s, Princesses were high on that list. But we didn't like the portrayal that the movies gave. The princesses had to fit into a certain role - and needing a man save to them, always acting proper and polite. We wanted to show off the modern day princess; the princess who doesn't always need saving, the ones who aren't afraid step out and acts how they want, independent and strong women- hence the Princess Gone Bad Collection. We hope you enjoy it.