Articles on the internet say that women find men more attractive in a fitted white T-shirt as it gives the typical masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist. This makes this clothing a key piece in a man’s wardrobe. So here’s our take on checking out different brands available in the market:
  1. Hanes

This is one of the most affordable brands out there. With a very cheap price of 5 for $20.00, this is a great deal for most teenagers. Although, with the price, its quality isn’t that great as compared to other brands. Once you’ve repeatedly washed the shirt, it loses its white color and turns a little yellow. This is a classic brand and it’s got a comfortable fabric. However, it’s much suited as sleepwear than for trendy fashion
  1. Rail department
This white shirt is a little steep with a price of 2 for $30.00! But, it has great quality compared to Hanes. The fit is much slimmer and the color is really good. It is a little thicker than Hanes fabric and the white color doesn’t look see-through, unlike the Hanes shirt. The price speaks for its quality!
  1. Forever21


One of the most affordable and well-known brands in the industry, Forever21 has good white shirts for $4.00 only. The fabric is cotton but feels a little bit scratchy. It looks really trendy like the Rail department one, but the quality is not as good. The fit definitely looks similar to Rail but the fabric is different. For its low price, it’s not that bad since you can still look fashionable with it.
  1. H&M


Like Forever21, H&M is also well known and very affordable. H&M offers two styles of white shirts. One costs $6.99 and the other one is $10.00! Like all other brands, price speaks for its quality. The 10-dollar-shirt has an excellent slim fit however, the sleeves are short! In our opinion, the $6.99 is better. Its quality is there and the sleeves are a little longer which is much more comfortable to wear for most men.
  1. Stafford

Out of all the white shirts, this is actually our best pick. This costs 4 for $20.00 and it has a really thick fabric with premium cotton feel! The white color pays off really good and stays like that. The only downside of this is that it shrinks as you wash it several times. Also, they offer a variety of fits which is awesome for buyers!
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