Our Favorite Eminem Songs

All eyes were on this talented rapper Eminem after he did an anti-Trump freestyle on the BET Hip Hop Awards. His being outspoken and pure talent gave way to his rise to fame. Moreover, his deep-rooted respect to iconic rappers like Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur makes fans love him even more. Here are some of our favorite songs from this artist’s numerous albums:
  1. Lose Yourself
This will never skip the list for this is one of Eminem’s classic songs. Made popular from the movie ‘8 Mile’ this song is just too good to forget.
  1. Beautiful
Written after his journey through depression and addiction, this song pertains to how he’s struggling with his personal life. It conveys that everyone is beautiful in their own ways and must learn to pick themselves up regardless of what others say. The straightforward message of this song makes fans even more connected to him than ever.
  1. Stan
Eminem has written a lot of songs and we believe that this one is one of the most well-written ones. This song shows how flexible he is in writing his songs. The lyrics shift from one personality to another. Its message is about his fans and the idea of an artist trying to put his shoes on his fans is superb. Knowing that his fans have frustrations towards him, this makes us realize how hard it is to be a celebrity and think ‘what if we’re in his shoes?’
  1. Mockingbird
Aside from the very catchy melody of this track, Eminem gave us a glimpse of his personal life through this song. It was more of like a story about his struggles being an artist and having issues with his wife making their kids’ upbringing even more challenging. Through the music video, he exposed his world to his fans and acknowledges his media image while still being dedicated to his daughters.
What’s your favorite Eminem song? Should we create an Eminem jersey? Leave comments below!