The average price for a guy’s haircut is 28 dollars, according to youtube channel: buzzfeedblue. Surely, there are many hairstyles out there offered by different stylists. However, how much should you really pay for a haircut? Watch the youtube video if you’re interested.
I think the price for each hairstyle shown in the video varied depending on the difficulty and details of the style that the customer wants. The fifteen-dollar style consists of a simple haircut that looks good enough for an everyday look. The other hairstyle that cost much more included a full change of hair color and a haircut, which is pretty much a huge transformation for a person’s look. This is totally worth the price if you are looking for a full-on hair makeover.
The most expensive look was worth $500 and is definitely too expensive for a haircut, I must say! Although, the result was remarkable! The carved hair was a work of art and was time-consuming but it was worth it.
Fair enough, the style differs, as the price gets higher. Each style comes with different prices and it’s your choice to pick whatever you think will look good on you. Much like our throwback jerseys, they do not cost much but are totally worth buying!