Girls Perspective: 3 style trends for guys to avoid

Welcome to our new blog series; Girl's Perspective where you will get insight and tips on men's streetwear, pop-culture and food from the swaggy women on our Blog Team. Here are our top 3 trends for guys to avoid.

1. Overdone neon

  I’m not a hater of neon, BUT it can be tastefully done in moderation. For example, maybe an athletic tee or even a pop of neon through accessories.  However, if I’m with my guy and he’s looking like a walking highlighter it may be a problem. If you’re head to toe in neon, everyone that is looking at you, visually needs to wear sunglasses from how bright you are. So guys please tread lightly with this one.

2. SUPER skinny jeans

There’s nothing wrong with the slim fit, but if your jeans are looking like they’re spray painted onto your legs, us females are feeling bad for you.  There is no reason for your legs to look like sausages and the seams of your jeans looking like they’re fighting for their life to stay on. Super tight jeans just look uncomfortable and unflattering. If you can’t squat in them, have no crotch space, and you’ve already split your jeans; I think it’s time to either go up a size or change your fit. 

3. The male romper 

This is a tough one because this looks great on us women, but I personally don’t think you want to cop this.  First reason, it’s hard to pee in and secondly, it’s hard to pee in. When you’re in the washroom, I don’t think you want to peel off your romper to take a leak; you just want to get straight to doing the deed.  So to save yourself the stress don’t try this trend, not for my sake but for yours.

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