Do girls like a hypebeast? - HONEST REVIEW

The best updates and new trends can be found on the very well-known site of Let’s see the perspective of girls with the new trends going on the site, men, hear this out:
  1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Hoodie

Personally, I don’t know if men would actually wear this. This looks too flashy and it’s shouting the brand too much with all the LV prints with the ‘Supreme’ tag in the middle. Girls actually prefer the simpler ones like this:
  1. Tucking pants in your socks


This fashion trend in men makes their expensive shoes stand out since it’s in a clear view when the pants are tucked in the socks. But somehow, the ankle part looks awkward and not so attractive. This would probably be okay to slay when you’re just out chilling with your gang but certainly not on a date! So this gets a 50/50 score!
  1. Distressed Levi’s x Air Jordan 4 collaboration

This pair of shoes is actually not bad IF the girl you’re dating is into hypebeast brands as well! But if not, it doesn’t actually look that good. It would be okay if the girl you’re with actually knows what brand the shoe so she knows you’re rocking one of the most expensive shoe collabs there is. So, it depends!
  1. Dad shoes

I didn’t even know they have this trend. It actually looks like a kid’s shoe because of all the colors and super detailed designs. The shoe looks too chunky and I don’t think most girls don’t understand why men like this look. But if you actually like rocking this kind of fashion then it depends on who you're trying to impress!
I know this blog sounds too hurting for most men but a girl’s got a different perspective on fashion. Let us know which trends you think are the best!