Charlie Conway hockey jersey as a Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and for those who haven’t got time to prepare your costume, here’s an idea: how about wearing a throwback jersey to represent Charlie Conway?

Surprising as it may seem, Halloween-themed jerseys have been featured in websites that can be found on the internet --- from basketball jerseys to hockey jerseys. So why choose this jersey? You won’t get that why-are-you-just-wearing-that look from your friends, because this jersey represents one of the most famous hockey movies during the 90s. Aside from this, the color is really good. Green is a great color for any skin tone and the yellow lines make an even better compliment. It’s really hard to mess up this look since it can be worn by anyone. Match it with frightening killer props or make-up and you’re done! Ain’t that a simple way to look dope on parties?

If you’re not a great fan of the Mighty Ducks, don’t worry! You can browse other jersey collections on our website and wear them for Halloween.