90s Fashion Trends That should make a comeback

Everyone is drooling over Bruno Mars’ new hit song “Finesse” featuring Cardi B. The song was released at the very start of 2018 and is already hitting the top charts. The artist’s adoration of the 90s was very much highlighted on ‘Finesse’ music video --- ladies wore big hoop earrings while men sported with ‘New Jack Swing’ inspired clothing. More so, they’ve incorporated a few 90s movies/series that gives its audience a throwback of the 90s pop culture and fashion trends. Here are a few trends that we think should make a comeback:
  1. Overalls
A trend in the 90s, this fashion style is already making a comeback. Aside from being easy-to-wear and comfortable, it is brimming with different style options. You can pair it with anything and even choose different overall styles from the market.
  1. Flared jeans
Although this may be a little tricky, you just have to know the right combination to match this look. Obviously, it works better with heels, unless you wanna look like Shaggy from Scooby-doo!
  1. Baggy pants
If the slim-cut don’t work, then this style may just swoop you away. With a little attitude, you can definitely pull off baggy pants. Although not all men could pull this off, it is very stylish and can totally give you retro vibes.
  1. Chokers
Like what fashion experts always say, wear a simple outfit and accessorize! The idea of wearing chokers has made a comeback from the 90s. It has become a fashion staple and easily adds a 90s spin to any outfit that you wear.
  1. Varsity jackets
Also known as “letterman’’ jackets, it has always been associated with American jock culture. Wearing this makes you look like you stepped out of a throwback movie from the 90s. Every celeb wears it in various styles --- from sporty urban to glamour.
When it comes to fashion trends, undoubtedly, nothing is too new or too old. If you want more ride of the 90s feels, check out our website for trendy throwback movie jerseys!