Different fashion styles were seen back in 2017 and here are a few trends that totally made its way to our top list:
  1. Celebrity Designers

We’ve all seen a lot of celebrity collaborations with different shoe brands in 2017 ---- Adidas x Kanye West, Nike x Drake, Puma x Rihanna, Virgil Abloh x Nike. It’s undeniably a huge trend last year and at large, this has become a successful strategy in the business of lifestyle shoe endorsements. The popularity of artists has influenced their fans to actually crave for their shoe brands and this has positively affected product creation of shoes. Although there’s a thin line between actual product creations versus simple promotion, this trend will surely stay up to the coming years.
  1. Kurt Cobain sunglasses

This identifier of the famous Kurt Cobain made a comeback in 2017. This pair of white oval sunglasses totally gave us the nostalgia for the ‘90s. Seen worn by Pharrell during the Coachella, this look was suddenly everywhere! Even expensive brands created their own like Balenciaga and Saint Laurent.
  1. Vintage Sportswear Brands

I can say that 2017 was full of retro comebacks from the 90s! Vintage brands like Fila, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger were seen everywhere worn by celebs. Although a lot of new brands have gone on to the top of the fashion industry, the influence of celebrities wearing these brands have totally made it viral. I guess it’s safe to say that the old school is cool!
  1. Track pants

Trends either come-and-go or get recycled after a few years. This sporty staple from the early 2000s was reimagined last year. The sporty side stripe is its identifier and many brands have released their own style. Honestly, this fashion pick can be tiring to the eyes and this trend might make it to 2018 if brands could give it a little more edge to make them even more eye-catching. They seriously all look alike but with a few experimentations with its pairs may just give it a little extra uhmp!
  1. Box Logo Items

I don’t know if you’d agree with me, but this logo looks really classic. Best known from the brand Supreme, this will definitely become a famous identifier of the brand. The simple design makes it adaptable to different variations.
So, which 2017 trend was your favorite? Comment below!